Liberation Retreat, April 6 - April 12, 2018 Magnolia, MS + New Orleans, LA

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7-day Deep Time Liberation Retreat in Magnolia, MS and New Orleans, LA April 6 - 12th, 2018. For availability, pricing, interest & questions contact . Please include your contact information. Only a few spots available!

Retreat Facilitators: Noliwe Alexander, Devin Berry, DaRa Williams & Rosetta Saunders

Join us for a 7-day retreat designed for people from the African Diaspora. We will delve into the exploration of how our ancestral legacy and historical beliefs influence our present lives. Once we understand the need for committing to our individual and collective healing, the pathway to healing appears. We can then recognize and acknowledge the experiences and history clouding our perceptions causing us to continually cause harm to ourselves and others because of our reactions. Identifying the genesis of our suffering comes in part from the intergenerational and vicarious traumas known or unknown, past or present. The attachments, the delusion and the aversion that we’ve experienced blocks the portal to healing and the way out is through the recognition and honoring of our historical harm. Deep Time Liberation will engage you in rituals, story-telling, drumming and discovery through the lens of Insight Meditation practices.


Our journey begins with a 4-day retreat at Flowering Lotus Meditation and Retreat Center in Magnolia, MS. This includes a visit to the Whitney Slave Plantation, historical trauma uncovering, bearing witness to our internal and external triggers and cultivating wise view so that we can clearly see out suffering from a new lens of healing and freedom. The last 2 days of our retreat we will be in New Orleans, LA., visiting cultural landmarks: Congo Square, St. Augustine’s Church, Preservation Hall, Lower Ninth District and of course, the cuisine and sounds of New Orleans.