Location: 270 Battery Street, Burlington, VT, 05401 United States    



Social Media: @standing_land

Service Offerings: 

Clinical Herbalism consists of :

  • 1-on-1 consultation, rooted in education
  • Custom herbal formulas in the form of tea, tincture, or powder blends are crafted post consultation and can be purchased from the practitioner or outside sources. Initial consultation tend to be 2 hours in length with follow-up being 1 hour.
  • Shorter by-the-minute educational opportunities to ask plant-related questions These by-the-minute are best scheduled ahead of time and are intended to last under 30 minutes.

Community Herbalism consists of teaching classes on various topics where people can learn more about how to care for themselves and their families by engaging with plants intentionally. Some topics include:

  • Oral health
  • Kitchen-cabinet apothecary
  • Herb-walks
  • Supporting the lymphatic system.

Business Hours: By Appointment

Preferred way to contact: Email, Text

Price/Cost: Initial consultations are sliding-scale $80-100. Follow-up consultations are sliding scale $30-50. Herbal Formulation is included in the initial consultation, but the herbs themselves will need to be purchased separately at various prices.

By-the-minute "ask an herbalist" services are currently offered at 50 cents/ minute.

Teaching costs are determined on a case-by-case basis (venue, travel, etc).



Plant-Based * Educational * Practical * Creative


Susan Staley is a joyful witness to the ways in which plants support her communities and humanity at large. Recognizing that people have been in relationship with plants for as long as people have been people, offers us valuable insight into the possibility for transformation and greater health individually and globally. As a community and clinical herbalist, Susan works to bring people and plants closer together. Her life-long engagement with whole-food nutrition and art led her to Vermont, where in 2008 she began to study and celebrate the ancient art and science of herbal medicine. Susan completed training at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in the practices of Family & Clinical care. She values the environment of the herbal clinic for the safety it offers people to explore more deeply their life’s journey of health and how the plants can meet them on that journey. Susan continues to study and discover the depth of working with plants to support people (and our planet) at this dynamic time on earth. You can find her in the clinic and the classroom at the Burlington Herb Clinic and Railyard Apothecary. You can also find her engaging in poetry, singing songs to life, and painting.


Standing Land was founded with the vision that human beings can come to a place of greater empowerment and balance by engaging more deeply with plants, and that the potential for this relationship is alive in each one of us. Our goal is to help make herbalism/ working with plants as "normal" as possible.

The name 'Standing Land' holds various significance. Primarily it is a powerful reminder that human beings (and plants) are literally composed of the earth in which our two feet find support. We and the earth are one and the same, and yet it is the earth that remains after we are gone. It is of great import to remember this in our daily lives and to give thanks for the nourishment, strength, and healing that this connection affords us. The areas of wild lands where vibrant ecosystems thrive are rapidly decreasing. 'Standing Land' is an acknowledgment of these wild lands (and the people who care for them) that stand around the world, as well as the smaller gardens and wild spaces that sustain us. Lastly, it is a call and a commitment to standing with and for this land, our earth, that freely offers all we need to live.

Standing Land is committed to learning from others and supporting small-scale/community projects that ultimately improve the health of people and the earth through gardens, art, performance, food, and events. 

Susan can travel the North East and NYC-metro area to offer classes. All services available at distance.



There is a light that turns on inside of people when they first connect with an herb. It is a glow that speaks to where they've been and where they are going. It is the glow of a non-specific sense of comfort that will never leave them. It is the glow of being a little bit more a part of our earth, and it can start with commonly available herbs like ginger, sage, and garlic. Knowing that this experience translates into more awareness and care for the earth and each other drives the work that I do. 


In my view, well-being is a dynamic state of being, a balance that is not static, but alive and changing. Each moment has different requirements because everything is always changing: the external environment, our internal environment, our needs, the season, and our awareness to name a few. What works one day may not work the next. Well-being is a process of learning what will be supportive to life/ our lives at any given time and then looking to choose that. It is also slowly coming to understand that a process does not have a finishing point. Well-being includes a basic-knowing that we are connected to each other, our communities, all life on earth, the earth, all the elements, all the stars, and beyond them. Well-being is doing our best where we are.


It is an honor to be part of this directory where people may find support in their health-journey from people offering a variety of valuable trust-worthy services. My intent is to be available to more people to share what I have learned from the plants and to offer more ways for us to incorporate plants into our lives with confidence, intention, and respect. I also look forward to connecting and learning more about what others are offering here.