Sandi Preston

Address: 410 Marcus Garvey, Brooklyn, NY 11221 United States    


Social Media: @andyogastudios    


Service Offerings:  Semi-private boutique yoga studio.

Business Hours: Online registration only. Schedule available on website.

Preferred way to contact: Email



Good Vibes * Thoughtful Instruction


Sandi Preston and Donald Edwards are Chicago natives. Sandi is a 500 RYT certified yoga teacher and Donald is a personal trainer with mixed martial arts training. Together, they share a vision to cultivate a space where their passion for movement, holistic health, and fellowship co-exist without pretense. They see balance as key to all parts of life and a true barometer of prosperity. It is with this spirit that And Yoga was born.


Before we tell you who we are—let us tell you who we aren’t.  We aren’t a studio on a mission to bring the community together or make the neighborhood better. (Bed-Stuy was already great before we got here!)  We aren’t here to be magical healers or chakra shamans. (Because that’s way above our power and our pay grade.) We aren’t here to be Bed-Stuy culture vultures or yoga purists. (That wouldn’t be good karma!). We are simply here to give you a little spark in your day and provide inspiration to your everyday journey.  

At AND YOGA, we believe a good yoga and fitness routine is uplifting, energizing, inspiring, and can generate positive benefits that will radiate throughout your body and your life. We know that when you are aware of your body, you can take on the world with more energy, vitality, and success.

We take pride in creating a professional, warm, inviting, and open space where everyone can thrive. You will feel the difference as soon as you walk into AND YOGA—from our teachers, our studio spaces, our classes, our clients, and our vibe.

Our clients include everyone from the young to the young at heart, from New York newcomers to longtime Bed-Stuy residents. Our rich community creates a warm environment that is colorful, soulful, playful, authentic, and extends far beyond our studio doors.

What does Well-Being mean to you?

Self-awareness and self-love

Why do you want to be a part of Under the baobab?

Our existence as a business is to be here as a resource for those seeking support along their journey of well-being. We understand we are not a destination or an end, only means. Being part of a network of shared interests and passions extends that means to those who desire it and supports the network of other businesses doing same.