Under the Baobab is a resource and directory for all things related to well-being (health + healing, fitness + movement, food + nutrition, spa + body, mind + spirit, community, etc).  Individual and business service listings range from therapeutic massage, yoga and meditation, labor and postpartum support to financial literacy, life coaching, therapy and nutrition. My vision is for Under the Baobab to be a living and growing project for community, by community. I expect the service categories to grow and change as people identify additional services and resources they would like to see on here as well as other recommendations. Under the Baobab is an inclusive and open community directory that aims to highlight and promote healers, wellness professionals, and businesses across the diaspora that create unbiased, safe, diverse and representative spaces for healing.

The baobab tree has been a symbol of power and wisdom across Africa and in the diaspora for centuries. It is a nourishing tree, a healing tree, a gathering tree, and a resting place, among many things. The baobab is a giant reminder that all we need to heal comes from within, that we have all the tools we need to heal our minds, bodies and spirits, and that no matter what outside forces try us, we remain resilient.